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1 This plan includes Services, Goods & Works for GSOP-National Coordinating Office (NCO) and that of activities for the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) on Re-Allocation of US$ 2M for LEAP & Additional Financing - All cumulative investments since inception  to September 2016 This procurement is referred to as: 'General Procurement' in our reporting
2 All activities of the National Targeting Unit and the LEAP Management Unit of the MoGCSP under the GSOP funding are listed in the plan.  
3 The plan also includes abridged versions of Services, Goods & Works for District Procurement (LIPW). The number of Districts is 60 with each implementing an average of 9 subprojects.  This procurement is referred to as: 'LIPW Procurement' in our reporting and are summaries from Districts procurement plans
4 LIPW procurement within communities are done directly by the 60 participating Districts with support from their respective Regional Coordinating Offices (RCOs of GSOP) and the various Regional Coordinating Councils. -
5 Subprojects implemented are basically educational and health related infrastructure (limited numbers), feeder roads, small earth dams & dugouts, and climate change activities. -
6 The educational and health related infrasturcture were initially (at the onset of subproject implementation) implemented to test the LIPW concept as preparation for such projects before works execution was not as intensive as those of roads and dams. The implementation later guided GSOP in the startup activities for feeder roads and dams. They were dropped due to low labour content. The educational and health related infrastructure were implemented in the initial stages of Phase 1 
7 To date, implementation of LIPW has been in three(3) phases: Phases 1 & 2 subprojects - initiated in 2011, which have gone through full cycle of selection, appraisal, engineering surveys, design, tendering and construction and were largely completed in February 2015. Phase 3 subprojects - initiated in June 2015 are within one and half years of implementationnow at various stages of works execution and 90% expected to be completed  February 2017. Selection of subprojects, Engineering Services and Tendering processes are done between June and October. Subsequently selected contractors undergo training before award and signing of contracts. Works execution start from January to June the following year.  -
8 Feeder roads and dams/dugouts have been implemented using the services of contractors through National Competitive Tendering and Shopping Methods of Procurement. The educational & health related infrastructre and climate change activities are being implemented using Community Participation in Procurement (CPIP) Method of Procurement. -