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Loggu is a farming community in the Wa East District of the Upper West Region. It is about 21km from Wa, the Regional Capital and located in the south-western part of the district. On 2nd March, 2013, the Wa East District Assembly and the local community with the support of the Wa Regional Coordinating Office of GSOP started the rehabilitation of a small earth dam in Loggu under the Labour Intensive Public Works (LIPW) programme, which ended on 16th June, 2013.
Composition of the CFMC
Based on sensitization from the Project, the Loggu Community formed a Community Facility Management Committee (CFMC) comprising 8 members i.e., a representative each from the 8 gates in the Loggu Community, with an oversight responsibility from the Chief of Loggu. Four years after completion and handing over of the facility to the community, the CFMC has been able to operate and maintain the small earth dam, to the extent that the community is deriving other secondary benefits from the asset.
Achievements of CFMC
Source of Funds
The Committee after engaging animal (cattle) owners from adjoining communities precisely Kpalsaga, Sagu, Baalayiri, Kalaabie and Da-iyiri (Wa West District), came to an agreement that for every 50 cattle that would water from the dam, the owner would pay annual fee of GH¢400 per year to the CFMC. Other sources of funds for the committee included; proceeds from fishing, fines from disobedient locals for flouting rules relating to the sustainable use of the dam and other people outside the community intending to use the water for major projects (Contractors). For instance in 2016, the committee received GH¢2,000 as user fees from cattle owners within the catchment, GH¢300 from proceeds from fish harvested from the dam and GH¢100 from 5 culprits caught farming upstream that led to gradual siltation of the dam.
Community Development Projects
Undertaking community development projects with funds sourced from the dam has been a key achievement of the Loggu CFMC under the leadership of the Chief. In the first year, funds raised in respect of the dam were used to rehabilitate a damaged section of the spillway, with local technical expertise and communal labour. In the second year, the proceeds were used to mould blocks for the construction of 1No. 3 Bedroom Teachers Quarters for the Loggu Community Basic School, a priority project of the community. Also in the second year, proceeds from a bumper fishing harvest were used to roof the kitchen of the basic school (picture insert). In the third year, additional building and construction materials were purchased with proceeds from the dam towards the teachers’ quarters project which was at the lintel level at the time of compiling the story
Community Ownership and Accountability
The CFMC has also been active in policing the facility from being polluted. Periodic inspections and communal clean ups have been organized to ensure that the facility is in a good state. They have also ensured that no gardening is done upstream in order to prevent siltation of the facility as well as washing close to the reservoir area. Culprits are usually sent to the Chief for reprimands and subsequent fines.
Proceeds from activities of the CFMC are currently kept by the Chairman of the committee, with plans to open a bank account soon. Each member of the committee, who represents each of the eight gates in the community, is tasked with sharing information on what has accrued over a period and sourcing for possible avenues of investment. As part of bi-annual meetings held at the chief’s palace, information on revenue inflow is shared and decisions made on investments. The overall welfare of the earth dam is also discussed at these meetings and strategies adopted towards the sustainable utilization.
Challenges and Way Forward
Notwithstanding the successes chalked in maintaining the facility, the following must be noted;
  • Three (3) members of the CFMC have resigned, so some sections of the community are no longer represented and this has to be rectified.
  • In spite of the sanctions instituted, some recalcitrant members of the community continue to flout rules on pollution and siltation.
  • Urgent need to open a bank account.
Story By: Abdul Rahim (GSOP- Safeguard & Case Managment Officer)